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Lift-The-Fog Technique to Learning Languages

I love this quote by Steven Kaufman. It perfectly encapsulates what I try to do with my students as we navigated the stormy waters of Spanish grammar. We don’t just learn the subjunctive. First, I mention it to you once. You don’t understand. That’s completely ok, but I’ve just planted a...



Watch the SER vs. ESTAR video here! SER is for identity, characteristics. Hour, time, date Occupation Place of origin Nationality Religious and political affiliations Possession Material something is made out of Relationship of one person to another Essential qualities,...


What does YA mean? Read this.

Here it is! The most important 2 letter word (it’s at least in the top 10, if not #1): Ya Maybe you’ve heard it hundreds of times, but you can’t quite pin down what it means? Check out the graphic below for the meanings and some example...


A personal lesson in taking risks with Spanish

Today I wanted to share a personal story that I hope will resonate with you and hopefully give you a little boost in confianza! As you may know, I’m not a native Spanish speaker. I’m a learned Spanish speaker (and in some ways I think that’s super way more awesome than being a native speaker!)....