Here it is! The most important 2 letter word (it’s at least in the top 10, if not #1): Ya

Maybe you’ve heard it hundreds of times, but you can’t quite pin down what it means?

Check out the graphic below for the meanings and some example sentences

It means:

already: Ya lo hice. // I already did it.

[right] now: – ¿Sí vienes o no? – Vengo ya. // – Are you coming or not? – I’m coming [right] now.

enough: ¡Ya! // Enough! (you can use this with people bothering you or as the English equivalent of “saying when” when someone is pouring a drink for you)

Ya +

Adding more words to ya for more meaning:

No longer/not anymore: Ya no me gusta. // It don’t like it anymore.

Now that: Ya que estás aquí, podemos empezar. // Now that you’re here, we can start.

Since: No quiero hablar contigo ya que te burlaste de mi. // I don’t want to talk to you since you made fun of me.

Phrases with ya

You can use these in everyday situations:

Ya está: All set.

¡Ya voy!: I’m coming! I’m going to where you are! (use if someone calls you from other room for example)

Ya verás: You’ll see.

Ya veremos: We’ll see [about that].

¡Ya, ya!: Oh, sure (can convey frustration or sarcasm)

¿Ya?: You can use this to express ‘are you done yet?’, ‘is it ready?’ or any phrase conveying the same sentiment. The response to this question (if the thing is finished) can be “¡Ya!

Basically, the word ya gives your Spanish some ‘tude. Use it. Use it well.